Dr Stephen Clark Silverdale WA


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THANK YOUR STAFF FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE FAMILY!! 5 Star Review Clark Chiropractic Silverdale WA. It's such a pleasure to go the office ,the staff always greets you with a hello and big smiles,they always brighten up my day,they make you feel like family,I honestly look forward to each visit.I was such a skeptic when it came to chiropractors I called them bone crushers and alot more .I was suffering so bad from a car wreck with back,hip and neck pain,and his office was the closest for me to go to in the car.and at this point I didn't care. Dr Clark is amazing we talk about my fears and how he could help me and my treatment began.Two months later I now have a quality life again I can tap without pain and move without pain. Dr Clark you are awesome and thank you so much.Also I want to thank your staff for making me feel like family.Ida

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