Classic Game Room - RSEAT RS EVO 3 Racing Seat Review [HD]


Uploaded on June 23, 2012 by Classic Game Room

RSEAT RS EVO3 review. Classic Game Room reviews the RSEAT RS EVO 3 from, a carbon steel, fiberglass and synthetic leather racing seat with rugged construction that firmly holds your racing wheel in place. Optimized for use with high end video game wheels and pedals like the Thrustmaster T500RS, Fanatec GT2, GT3 and CSR as well as the Logitech G25 and G27 racing wheels. CGR uses the value priced Logitech Driving Force GT wheel which works with the seat provided you tighten it firmly and use some rubberized screws to hold the pedals in place (which is really easy to do). Build quality and styling are first rate and driving enthusiasts should enjoy the rigid arm that holds the wheel in place, although really tall people may find it confining. RSEAT RS EVO 3 is a nice looking, comfortable seat worth a look if you're into racing games like iRacing, Gran Turismo 5, Dirt 3, Dirt 3, M.U.S.H.A., NASCAR 2011 or F1 2011, many of which are featured in this review. Also featured in this review is the CGR 1972 El Camino with leather seats and the Sega Nomad playing Super Monaco GP in the El Camino, which is the ideal spot for playing Nomad. If you enjoy racing games on PlayStation 3 PS3, Xbox 360, PC or Sega Genesis then this is a driving seat to consider!

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