Classic Game Room - SKYLANDERS CLOUD PATROL Review for IPad


Uploaded on June 23, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Skylanders Cloud Patrol review. Classic Game Room reviews SKYLANDERS: CLOUD PATROL for iPad from Vicarious Visisions and Activision, a catchy and fun Skylanders game played with the touch screen iPad! Use your existing Skylanders figure collection to unlock Skylanders in the game (with the bar code cards) or unlock Skylanders in game with gems that you earn by playing well. Skylanders Cloud Control doesn't work with the Portal of Power so sadly your Skylanders don't earn experience, but it's a fun, colorful game that fans of series should enjoy if you dig other touch and shoot kinds of games like Fruit Ninja. CGR Skylanders Cloud Patrol video review features Skylanders Cloud Patrol gameplay in this video game review of Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for iPad. Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a great kids game and fun for the family, available on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and Skylanders Cloud Patrol on iPod Touch.

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