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A lot of us think about what to do if we were in an accident. We know we have to talk to our insurance company, get the car repaired, and deal with how these items are getting paid for. But we tend to not think about what would happen if there was an accident and we were the passengers, not the driver.

Who do you turn to if you’ve been injured? If you’re in the car with a family member, friend, or a co-worker, you may not know who to speak to in order to get compensated for your own injuries in the accident. It’s more complicated because you don’t want your friend to have to pay for your injuries and have to endure that cost.

What you should know is that you’re not suing your friend, but you are entitled to compensation even if you’re just the passenger in a car. You were injured and you deserve to bring forth a claim for the harm that occurred. You’re dealing with someone’s insurance company (whoever is at fault) to be compensated for your injuries. An accident can affect you in many ways, including lost wages, medical bills, prescription drug costs, and numerous doctor visits. You should seek the advice of an attorney immediately after the accident, as they can answer some of these questions and more for you. Watch the video now to learn more.

To learn more about personal injury accident laws, I encourage you to watch the video above and to explore our educational website at http://www.yourlawyer.com/topics/overview/car_accidents. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (800) 800-9797. I welcome your call.

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