Chevy Volt: 10,000 Mile Review [HD]


Uploaded on June 27, 2012 by MrEnergyCzar

Website: I've spent $105 in "Total" fuel costs the first 10,000 miles in my Chevy Volt. In less than 9 months I've saved $2,000 in fuel versus if I kept my SUV. The surplus solar power from my home powers the Volt about 6,000 miles per year while the charger at work does the rest. With the one pedal driving option, the brakes should last to over 175,000 miles and the first tune-up should come at 300,000 miles since 90% of the driving is in electric mode. The Volt can be your only car because you don't have to worry about range anxiety when driving more than 90 miles like you do with most pure EV's.



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