A Wizard of Lightning! The Life of Nicola Tesla?


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You would think this name would be a household name every time you switch on a light, or turn on your radio his magic of ideas was larger than anybody to date. This tall Serbian was a wizard he invented AC energy, radar, light, fluorescent bulbs, neon lights, x-rays, remote control, the motor, lasers, robotics, and much more. He also created wireless free energy causing the moneylenders J. P. Morgan to stop funding of this idea because Tesla idea would work and you can-not put a meter on it. This was the reason for being black balled causing him not to find another investor. Despite his cruel fate he would continue to invent. Some did believe in him that was J Edger Hoover and the FBI waited patiently for Tesla to die so they could get these masterpieces. They vanished him from history books and others profited from his inventions.

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