PS3 4.11 Kiosk Firmware By Master0wn3r Installation


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1. Download files.
2. Plug In USB And Create Folder Called PS3.
3. Inside PS3 Folder Make A Another Folder Called UPDATE.
4. Inside UPDATE Folder Place The UPDAT.PUP Inside there.
5. Unplug From PC Then Plug Into PS3.
6. Go To System Update And Install From USB.
7. Once Its Installed And Stuff, Go To Settings Then To Security Settings.
8. Dont Go Into Security Settings Only Hover Over It.
9. Hold Down L1 + R1 + Square + Select.
10. Then A Password Should Come Up Put In 0000 or 4801 And Press X.
11. And your Done ♥

★ Complete Patch Blocker inside firmware, Blocks all game updates and any application that has a update server besides System Firmware Updater.

★ Install Package Files is added to XMB under Settings menu right below Network Settings.

★ Automatic Update, this feature can be found under Settings menu then enter System Settings Sub menu, Scroll to the bottom and turn this on or off, This being ON will automatically Update the system firmware from internet on the booting(Turning on) of the console, Recommended to keep this to OFF to avoid Sony releasing a patch.

★ Automatic Update via Flash Drive (Any storage device plugged in with update data of firmware) on booting of console, this feature is on by default and not currently a way to turn it off. But you will never want it turned off because when i release a new firmware all you have to do is plug the flash drive into the PS3 and turn it on to start the procedure of the next firmware.

Note: This is based off of Demo mode firmware so restrictions are present that are irremovable at the moment, PlayStation Store is Blocked off, Go to saved data and click the PSN Plus Online Data to enter the PSN store. PlayStation Home use is by having a friend invite you to Home.

★ PlayStation Vita Deleting Backups feature is removed.

★ Fast Processing With Decreased Lagg (Introduced in v0.1) optimized with fast processing, Alot faster and better responsive than OFW. Many lagg that you've experienced on OFW should go away once installing of this.

★ Confirmation When CPU Load High(Or high priority task) "Press PS button to continue" Including backup utility and more, not present on OFW.

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