Classic Game Room - DRAGON BALL Z BUDOKAI Review for PS2


Uploaded on June 30, 2012 by Classic Game Room

NNNgggggAAAhhhhhhNNNNGGRRR!!!!! Dragon Ball Z Budokai review. Classic Game Room reviews DRAGON BALL Z BUDOKAI for PlayStation 2 from Dimps, Atari and Funimation! This Dragon Ball Z fighting game is aimed squarely at Dragonball Z fans looking to pummel characters from the TV in a fighting game with a storyline mode, vs. mode, tournament and more! Unlock more than 20 characters in this explosive fighter with solid controls and pick-up-and-play action. Repetitive button combos and generic gameplay may make this fighting game a bust for some, but fans of Dragon Ball Z will love the high production values and anime cut scenes that drive the storyline, as well as playable gameplay that fills the screen with explosions and screaming. CGR Dragonball Z Budokai video review has gameplay from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai on PS2 (also available for Nintendo GameCube)

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