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I MADE IT TO JUST BRAKES...!!! I was evacuating from Ike when my tire started to catch fire. I made it to Just Brakes they did an excellent fast job! Excellent all the way around Jackie and the rest deserve a raise... Did a good job and very through. Found the problem where other brake places didn't. Showed me everything in person and showed me things that were working fine instead of looking for something else to charge for.

100% GOT THE JOB DONE..!!! More Reviews... Mike was very polite! -Liked being showed what was wrong.. -They stayed 100% got the entire job done! Excellent! -Return customer based on previous experience with staff -Manager excellent met my expectations -Made me feel like the most special customer that day Great Work! -Couldn't have asked for a better experience.Exceeded expectations and wishes! -Great People!

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