Little Big Planet: Karting BETA Codes GIVEAWAY PS3!


Uploaded on July 01, 2012 by Rivassz

For PS3 Players The Little Big Planet: Karting Beta Is Coming Soon, However, It Will be a PRIVATE BETA, This means that 99% Of us will NOT get a chance to play the BETA Version, The Real Version of the Game is coming out in november. Thats way to far away for us!

A Beta Code Was Recently Leaked, Me and the other Guru's At Www.LittleBigPlanetKarting.Blogspot.Com worked very hard to analyse and crack the algorithm of the BETA Codes, After Several Days and Countless Attempts we Finally CRACKED THE CODE! We Have created a Keygen Which generates Unique Codes That Follow the Exact Algorithm Of the Official Codes, So they are Redeemable in the PSN Store!

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