It's Not Over (Van Helsing / Dracula)

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Uploaded on October 18, 2007 by orlisroses29

Be warned!!
There's SLASH (M / M Pairings) & SPOILERS!!!

(Sorry about the quality of the vid, somehow it became all squarish - even though it looks perfectly fine in my MAC (This computer bleepin' rocks!). *sighs*)

Here's my very first fanvid for my fav slash couple, Van Helsing & Dracula! XD *squeals* ('Course, based from the 'Van Helsing' movie I love dearly).

Anna's in the vid too, although there are some misunderstandings.. o.O *oogly eyes* You'll start to see the picture slowly.

Comments are always nice! :D Please be nice though! :) No 'I HATE SLASH' cause.. thats just rude. *grr*

DISCLAIMER: I OWN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And I'm not affiliated with anyone or anything connected with this movie whatsoever! (sobs) This is a fan's work only!

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