Learning Beat Making Techniques with Dr Drum


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Learning beat making techniques with Dr Drum
Here are the top 3 beat makers available to you today:
1) Dr Drum

Dr Drum is a new beat maker that comes full of features. It has a 16-track sequencer, a 12 pad drum machine, 4-octave keyboards for guitar, synth, piano, strings & FX and can create professional tracks using the WAV file format.

Dr Drum’s best feature is its extensive collection of high quality samples you can use to create your own beats; this is complimented by the intuitive interface that can make beat-making feel easy. When you’ve installed Dr Drum you’ll soon be creating your first beats within minutes.

2) Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer is aimed at beginners new to beat making. It does this job well but not better than Dr Drum, which has an exceptionally easy to use interface.

Sonic Producer is let down by its limited variety of sound and instruments available in its samples library as well as by lacking some key functions that users of Dr Drum will take for granted.

3) Beats 365

Third place goes to Beats 365. Beats 365 comes with many beats pre-made and if you’re looking for a source of ready-made beats this is an excellent choice. Beats 365 simply does not have the range of production tools you’ll need to create your own beats to a professional standard so if you want to move beyond listening to beats and into producing them this might not be the option for you.


While Sonic Producer and Beats 365 are fine pieces of software neither of them can come close to Dr Drum. Available for less than $40 and with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee you can be creating your first beats in minutes.


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