Classic Game Room - NEVER DEAD Review for Xbox 360 [HD]


Uploaded on July 03, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Never Dead review. Classic Game Room reviews NEVER DEAD from Rebellion and Konami for Xbox 360, an odd action shooter game where you play a demon slayer who CAN'T DIE!! Not even after watching a 300 hour marathon of (insert crappy TV show here). Bryce shoots demons and attacks them with swords but is easily dismembered which is the best damage system ever! You'll lose arms, legs and even your head as you battle Resident Evil style baddies through repetitive battles that unravel a ridiculous storyline that's hard to stop playing because of the sheer lunacy of Never Dead. Far from polished or stylish in any way, Never Dead is clunky and hilarious, with odd gun battles and even more bizarre swordplay. Bryce is constantly hacked to pieces and you'll laugh yourself silly as you crawl and roll across the floor to reattach limbs and stop your head from being eternally digested. CGR Never Dead video review features Never Dead Xbox 360 gameplay showing Never Dead action shooter hack and slash game play.

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