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Uploaded on July 04, 2012 by j4ck1e

This RAR Password Cracker cracking all password protected RAR/ZIP files.
You probably need this RAR Cracker because you downloaded a game or something and it was locked with a password.
Don't worry, here is the program that can crack it in less than 3 minutes!
This RAR Cracker is faster than others, so it's also better than other RAR Crackers.
This RAR Cracker has 2 different Attack methods like "Brute-Force Attack" (trying all possible combinations of alphabets, numbers and special characters) and "Dictionary Attack" (trying all possible combinations of dictionary words).
These different methods of attack make it better and faster.
Scanned with Avast, Norton and AVG antiviruses, no virus found.
If you need help, just send PM!

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?12hp35dgyo1bh3a
VISIT: freehack1ng.blogspot.com

---------- HOW IT WORKS ----------
1) Download and run RAR Cracker
2) Select Encrypted File
3) Selecet Attack Method
4) Press button "Crack"
5) Enjoy with your cracked password

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