Best Rap Beat Making Software for Your PC or MAC


Uploaded on July 04, 2012 by johnc-rod

Best rap beat making software for your PC or MAC
Other programs like Audacity are okay for making modifications to existing beats and music, but if you want to make a new song from scratch, you can forget about it. Creating a hot track with Audacity from the ground up is just about impossible, even for people who have a complete understanding of the program. Just making slight modifications can be a horrible and frustrating struggle if you don’t have a ton of experience. Not like Dr. Drum, which makes it all come naturally.

These are the kinds of things that Dr. Drum does best. You can’t beat the intuitive interface, and the way it just feels right when you work with it. Everything is laid out in a way that will make sense to you right from the start, and have you creating your own beats in minutes, with none of that frustration. The struggle is over.

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