Classic Game Room - WAPPYDOG Review for Nintendo DS [HD]


Uploaded on July 07, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Wappydog review for Nintendo DS. Classic Game Room reviews WAPPYDOG for Nintendo DS from Sega Toys and Activision. Wappydog is an interactive toy mixed with a video game played on the Nintendo DS. Aimed at a younger audience, the E Rated Wappydog responds to commands given on the Nintendo DS (it reads beeps and moves and barks accordingly). Players can enjoy simple games played against Wappydog like Apple Catch and Whack a Mole. Wappydog learns new tricks and songs as you play with him! You can also take Wappydog with you virtually and play with him (or her?) on the Nintendo DS on the go. CGR Wappydog video review features Wappydog gameplay recorded from Nintendo DS and demonstrates the Wappydog toy dog in action

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