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The government has been accused of dragging its feet over a change to the law which would improve free speech, by removing the word insulting from Section 5 of the Public Order Act -- New Government plans to reform the House of Lords, has revealed that the proportion of Church of England Bishops is set for a further cut -- Conservative MP David Mowat, says he favours gay marriage, but wants David Cameron to drop the proposal because it is alienating the party's core voters -- Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said he wants to allow gay weddings in churches -- A Divorce App is being developed as part of a multi-million-pound scheme aimed at couples trying to end their marriage -- Women in London are being encouraged to stock up on the morning-after pill for free, in preparation for disruption caused by this summer's Olympic Games -- A Christian pre-school in Norwich has been commended by an Ofsted inspector for being 'the most harmonious setting she had ever visited' -- And a hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne has replaced traditional copies of the Gideon's Bible with a Kindle e-reader, pre-loaded with the Bible text.

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