Classic Game Room - SHOCK TROOPERS Playstation 3 Review [HD]


Uploaded on July 11, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Shock Troopers review. Classic Game Room reviews SHOCK TROOPERS for the PS3 Neo-Geo Station, originally published by SNK for the MVS arcade machine in 1997. CGR Shock Troopers video review shows PS3 Shock Troopers gameplay in HD action. From Saurus and SNK comes this amazing top down run and gun style shooter with fantastic game play and controls. Fans of other arcade style top down run 'n gun shooters like Commando, Jackal and Ikari Warriors will want to play Shock Troopers. Grab a friend, Shock Troopers is meant to be played 2-player as you waste mindless bad guys together with 8 playable characters in lone wolf or team battle mode. Shock Troopers is available on Neo-Geo MVS or in NeoGeo collections for PS2 or PSP, this version of Shock Troopers is the Playstation 3 port on Neo-Geo Station for PS3

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