Video Tutorial of Recover Deleted Files from Mac Hard Drive?


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Have you deleted important files and data on your Mac hard drive? Accidentally deleted your photos, musics or documents? Don't worry, with 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac you can easily recover your deleted files on Mac with a few mouse clicks. If the space isn't overwritten, your deleted files can be recovered with 100%.

Keep in mind: Never download and install any program in the place where you lost your files, for this could overwrite your lost files. Download and install it on another partition.

To recover deleted files from Mac hard drive, please follow these steps:

1) Select the hard drive where you deleted your files, Then click "Continue" to Select a volume you want to recover files from. If your volume is not available, select the disk that did contain your volume.

2) Choose "Deleted File Recovery" mode

3) Run 321Soft Data Recovery for Mac and click Continue.

4) Check your selected options and start the scan.

5) Preview and recover deleted files to another partition or disk.
Note: To preserve the drive with the deleted files, all recovered files must be saved to another storage device or another drive letter in the system.

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