How to Get Free Battlefield 3 Premium Keys (2012) (Updated) [HD]


Uploaded on July 16, 2012 by Spette40

Download Battlefield 3 Premium Free Keygen Now !

1) Download and install (Origin) in your PC. You can download it here !
2) Go to EA website HERE and create one account.
3) Copy the Key from Battlefield 3 Key Generator!
4) Login in your EA download manager (Origin) in your pc and click in Setting, them Redeem code and paste our CD-Key , them you will see your game and just download it, install and PLAY!
5. Play and enjoy!
Internet connection MUST be active when generating.It's 100% virus free.

How it works:
Battlefield 3 Keygen will first generate Battlefield 3 game, and when you active battlefield 3 on your origin account, press again generate button and it will start generate premium key.

If you already own battlefield 3,keygen will automatically detect the game and start to generate premium key.

If you get prompt for the update please do it because every day DICE is trying to patch a security hole. We work very hard to bypass that security hole and just because you guys are awesome and showing us amazing support , Battlefield 3 keygen will always be up to date . See you on the battlefield.

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