Low Back Pain Decatur AL


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DR. LOWMAN'S OFFICE IS LIKE VISITING FAMILY! Great Folks We always have a wonderful time when we go see Dr. Lowman and his crew! It's like visiting family!


STAFF IS VERY NICE AND RESPECTFUL!! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Dr. Lowman and his staff really care about treating and caring for you like you are one of their own. Dr. Lowman is a very personable doctor that makes you feel at home. His staff is definately one of a kind. They are very nice and respectful. Thanks to Lowman Spine and Rehab, I no longer have to deal with cripiling headaches.

RESULTS FROM LOWMAN SPINE & REHAB LEFT ME ALMOST PAIN FREE! Terrific results for back pain at Lowman Spine and Rehab


LOVE DR. LOWMAN sherryt, Decatur, AL As always, effective and most pleasant. Love all the staff there.

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