Classic Game Room - DINO STRIKE for Wii Review [HD]


Uploaded on July 16, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Die you stupid dinosaurs, die! Make these overgrown lizards extinct for the 2nd time in DINO STRIKE! Classic Game Room reviews DINO STRIKE for Nintendo Wii, a light gun style shooter on rails where you waste dinosaurs in 15 minutes than asteroids do all millenium. Played with the Wii Zapper, Dino Strike is a shooter-on-rails arcade style gun game with a fun, cheesy style and challenging gameplay. 1-4 players can blast dinos together, or one player can dual wield two guns for double the slaughter. Weapons include a pistol, shotgun, machine gun and explosive crossbow. It's like Land of the Lost meets House of the Dead and Dino Strike delivers the arcade style gunning action. This CGR review of Dino Strike has Dino Strike gameplay on Nintendo Wii published by Zoo.

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