Fisher Price 2000 Musical Wobble Disney Minnie Mouse


Uploaded on July 19, 2012 by chata chata

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Fisher Price

2000 Model

Musical Wobble Minnie

style 94025/94027

purple and pink

12 years old as of 2012

Used.But nicely kept. Sanitized and cleaned for resale purposes Works with 3 AA battteries, which I have included. It wobbles niceley and entertains your little one. Minnie giggles and has about 3 tunes. Very vivid purple and pink colors. Baby Minnie is holding a purple butterfly that lights up while the music is playing. She has irrisdescent feet which is captivating for baby, but her left footsy has a slight blur, but nothing that will hinder the excitement this baby Minnie has to offer. So cute and fun! Take it home and love it some more..... its 12 years old as of 2012, which is easlily collectible.

great as a gift or for your Minnie collection.

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