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Uploaded on July 19, 2012 by Web Rocket LLC Children with injured feet and injured ankles due to growth plate issues come to Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists located in Elgin, Huntley, Crystal Lake and Hoffman Estates. Foot and Ankle injuries can be common growth plate issues. Injuries to the growth plate are fractures. They comprise 15 percent of all childhood fractures. They occur twice as often in boys as in girls, with the greatest incidence among 14- to 16-year-old boys and 11- to 13-year-old girls. Older girls experience these fractures less often because their bodies mature at an earlier age than boys. As a result, their bones finish growing sooner, and their growth plates are replaced by stronger, solid bone. AFAAS treat children with foot and ankle injuries at locations in Elgin, Hoffman Estates, Crystal Lake and Huntley. Dr Gary Ochwat DPM and Dr Craig Halihan DPM have worked on children and young adult foot and ankle injuries for years. Call to set your appointment at (847) 468-1994

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