Classic Game Room - DEAD RISING 2: CASE WEST for XBox 360 Review


Uploaded on July 20, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews DEAD RISING 2: CASE WEST from Blue Castle and Capcom for Xbox 360. Play as Chuck Greene and work with Frank West to bring down THE MAN for creating the zombies to earn money! What a conspiracy! Sounds like the plot of a videogame, but it's real! You can play Dead Rising 2 Case West alone or co-op with a friend and learn more about the storyline that began in Capcom's first Dead Rising game. Basic gameplay is identical to what you'll find in Dead Rising 2 Case Zero and the stand-alone Dead Rising 2. Bash thousands of zombies in the heads and hack them to pieces with a variety of wacky weapons that you find laying around or assemble out of bits and pieces of junk. Make a flamethrower or electrocution gun, create a plate launcher out of a cement saw and cafeteria plates, construct a light saber with gems and a flashlight. Dead Rising 2 Case West packs the same laughs and gameplay but lacks the cool environment seen in the other games. The institutionalized zombie outbreak feels a bit confined and somewhat harmless if your character is already leveled up from the previous game, but it's fun nonetheless. New survivors need to be saved, zombies need incinerated and the storyline needs continued. It's Dead Rising 2 Case West from Capcom for Xbox 360, a download game from Xbox Live on Xbox360. This CGR review has Dead Rising 2 Case West gameplay showing Dead Rising 2 Case West game play on Xbox 360 in HD action.

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