Cell Tower Radiation Studies


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As there are very few valid epidemiological studies on cell towers and health – The World Health Organization has only 14 studies that meet their criteria in their database – it is necessary to examine evidence of exposures that are of a similar level as one would receive from RFR antennas on a cell tower. I have included some of these studies.
Included in Dr. Magda Havas’ WiFi report for San Francisco, Dr. Henry Lai, PhD, compiled a list of studies that document biological effects of RFR at low intensities.

“All of the 40 reports, reviewed by Dr. Henry Lai, document biological effects or associations, many of them adverse or undesirable, at exposure to RFR below the FCC guidelines for both power density (1000 µW/cm2) and specific absorption rate (0.08 W/kg). Of the 12 studies that provide power density data, 11 document effects below 41 µW/cm2
(scenario of woman using her laptop computer on her balcony); 6 document effects below 6 µW/cm2
(exposure to multiple Wi-Fi antennas); and 3 document effects below 1µW/cm
(exposure to 1 Wi-Fi antenna).”2
Epidemiological evidence also shows cause for concern over RFR exposure from cell towers.
In fact 10 out of the 14 peer-reviewed studies analyzed, and conforming to the specified WHO/ICNIRP standards of scientific quality, including their assessment criteria of consistency and replication found significant increases in ill health effects. Included in this database are only those studies that are about cell tower exposures. (Kundi, 2008 at the London EMF International Conference). Populations close to cellular antennas show an increase in the effects of ill health in those closest to the antennas with the risks factors dropping off as distance and RFR levels decrease. Symptoms ranged from sleeps disturbances to breast and brain cancers.


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