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Uploaded on July 22, 2012 by alfredbavic56

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From the new demo released on the Japanese eShop. I tried to make sure the stylus didn't get in the way of the screen.

This is the beginner's version of The Decisive Battle. There's two other difficulties.
Okay, slightly irrational FFVIII fanboyism aside, the second part of the demo features the ever popular "Man with the Machine Gun" track from Final Fantasy VIII, where it served as the battle theme for the Laguna flashbacks. This song is more in line with the first demo, except for the fact that it's noticeably trickier than the Decisive Battle was in the first demo. I mess up a lot, but otherwise, it was pretty fun.

Song: Man with the Machine Gun (Final Fantasy VIII)
Difficulty: Medium

Final Fantasy copyright Square Enix and all that.

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