Classic Game Room - KANE & LYNCH 2: DOG DAYS Review [HD]


Uploaded on July 23, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews KANE AND LYNCH 2 DOG DAYS for Xbox 360 (also for Playstation 3 PS3) from Io-Interactive, Eidos and Square Enix. This cinematic romp through the Shanghai underground is full of blood, carnage and bodies as Kane & Lynch take on thousands of bad guys after a deal goes wrong. Fans of ultra violent shooters with high production value should get a thrill out of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days even if the game is fairly average as shooters go. A stylish wide angle lens, grainy filter and constand handheld camera movement effect liven up the gameplay and drop the player into some of most action-packed Hong Kong action films from the past 30 years. This CGR review of Kane & Lynch 2 has gameplay from Kane and Lynch 2 showing video game play in action.

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