Classic Game Room - GRAN CHASER (Cyber Speedway) for Sega Saturn [HD]


Uploaded on July 23, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews GRAN CHASER for Sega Saturn from 1995. This game is known as Cyber Speedway in the West and features space ship race car designs from legendary designer Syd Mead who designed the Tron light cycles and Spinners from Blade Runner (among many, many other things). Graphically Gran Chaser has that sad-1995-polygon look which feels dated but the gameplay is really solid and very fun. This is a future death race style game where you can smash and ram other ships as well as launch missiles at them. Fans of games like Hydro Thunder and Fatal Inertia should get a kick out of Gran Chaser / Cyber Speedway. This is the Japanese release featuring Japanese dialog. This CGR review of Gran Chaser / Cyber Speedway has gameplay from Gran Chaser / Cyber Speedway showing futuristic racing action game play on Sega Saturn.

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