Borderlands 2 CONFIRMED, RAGE Gameplay Hands-On, and Mr. Destructoid! - Destructoid

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UPDATE: Watch our Borderlands 2 eyes-on preview: ***********/watch?v=Cyu4qDUsBOQ and Borderlands...
UPDATE: Watch our Borderlands 2 eyes-on preview: ***********/watch?v=Cyu4qDUsBOQ and Borderlands 2 interview: ***********/watch?v=Kmmye0Tobgs Episode 158: *******revision3****/destructoid/borderlands2 Borderlands 2 is finally real, and we could not be more excited. We talk all about it, plus Max goes hands on with Id's new shooter RAGE, Mr. Destructoid is in the new iOS game Arcade Jumper, and much more. And HEY - remember that we're broadcasting LIVE on Friday at 3:30 PM PST. Tune in at ***********/watch?v=bGtnWap1Ebc 00:55 Mr. Destructoid is playable in Arcade Jumper! Following Mr. Destructoid's inclusion in the Ms. Splosion Man pinball table for Pinball FX2, our mischievous mascot has turned up in Arcade Jumper!, an upcoming iOS title by Black Hive Media. (Jordna Devore). *******www.destructoid****/mr-destructoid-is-playable-in-arcade-jumper-for-ios-207780.phtml 02:08 Red Dead Redemption GOTY Coming To the reader who recently expressed interest in waiting for a Game of the Year edition of Red Dead Redemption: do it! Based on a BBFC listing, one such retail package is on the way. (Jordna Devore). *******www.destructoid****/red-dead-redemption-game-of-the-year-coming-says-bbfc-207783.phtml 03:11 Borderlands 2 Confirmed! Gearbox has finally revealed the game we've all expected for quite some time -- Borderlands 2! The official site went live today, with news that it will launch sometime after April 2012 and that fans will get a look at the game at PAX Prime.(Jim Sterling). *******www.destructoid****/borderlands-2-officially-announced-207824.phtml 06:43 RAGE Hands On Gameplay Preview Rage has a lot of pedigree behind it, which many people turn to when hyping it up. Conversely, a commensurately large group seems to be sleeping on the game, dismissively drawing comparisons to Fallout 3 and Borderlands. (Steven Hansen). *******www.destructoid****/preview-hands-on-with-the-first-three-hours-of-rage-207692.phtml BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We're doing another live show this Friday at around 3:30 PM PST... AND EVERY FRIDAY AFTERTHAT! That's right, Fridays are now LIVE for the Destructoid show, and we're so excited that we're gonna be giving away a bunch of crap. Be sure to tune in at *******youtube****/dtoid so you don't miss you. Want to get involved in the show? Have any amazing ideas for stuff we should cover, or have a very special private video blog you want to share with the world? Follow us on Twitter at Dtoid and email the show at show at destructoid dot com. You can keep up with everything Max and Tara are up to by following them Twitter at maxscoville andtaralongest You can also check in to Destructoid's Livestream at ******* for a constant source of video game hijinks. Sponsored by Netflix Netflix streams TV shows & movies directly to your home saving you time, money and hassle. As a Netflix unlimited member you can instantly watch TV episodes & movies streaming directly to your PC, Mac or right to your TV with your Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo Wii console. Watch as many movies as you want, any time you want! Cancel anytime! Get your FREE Trial membership. Go to *******www****flix****/DESTRUCTOID and sign up NOW! Be sure to use this URL so that they know we sent you! Watch more of the Destructoid show! ***********/my_playlists?p=849930AA2B552121 Destructoid: *******www.destructoid**** Destructoid on Twitter: *******twitter****/dtoidshow Destructoid on Facebook: *******facebook****/dtoidshow Revision3 Channel: *******revision3****/destructoid Max on Twitter: *******twitter****/maxscoville Tara on Twitter: *******twitter****/taralongest Have any questions or suggestions for us? Well you're in luck, because we now have a DESTRUCTOID HOTLINE! Call OR TEXT 775-553-8643 day or night to leave us a message, and we might play it on the show!