The Sales Question That Will Draw People Out - Ch. 17, Power Q's [HD]


Uploaded on July 25, 2012 by AndrewSobel

One sure-fire way to lose a client pitch is to make them feel like they are playing dodgeball as you hurl product offerings at them, one after the other, with abandon. But sometimes all you need is a simple question to get them talking and draw them out.

Chapter 17 of the book Power Questions is called “Push Open The Floodgate” because it shares a single question that, if used at the right time, will encourage the other person to open up and say more. It’ll open the floodgates, as they say.

Some Power Questions are complex and nuanced. But not this one -- “Can you tell me more?” is a very simple, five-word question that will keep the conversation going and show that you’re listening to what the client is most interested in – their own business!

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