3D Face Dolls by Giddy Up Rides


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Business Opportunities Happens....Now!

Looking for that LATEST and HOTTEST Turnkey Business Opportunity

• with low start up cost,
• easy to operate,
• minimal employees
• with 600% profit margins?


"3D Face Dolls" by Giddy Up Rides is the perfect solution!
3D Face Dolls is a unique product that allows consumers to personalize their face, in a 3D picture, on a plush doll.
There are countless locations to operate................
• offsite birthday parties
• at the Malls
• online store
• weddings
• amusement parks
• summer camps
• Fair grounds
• Special, corporate or any outdoor event.


Because of its uniqueness there is practically no competition and no market saturation!
The 3D Face Dolls business runs itself with endless possibilities! You could be a successful business owner and start making a comfortable living right away!
While others who desire to be their own boss, investing 100's of thousands, even millions on their startup companies, our 3D dolls by Giddy Up Rides requires a low start up cost of only $1100.00 and can be profitable immediately.
The success of the business all depends on business location and the owner ability to grow.

Be in charge of your financial freedom and take control of your own business rather than being controlled by a job, Freedom of time and money, what is that worth! Inquire now!
Call us at 1.888.800-3133 x2 or just visit us at www.3Ddoll.giddyuprides.com
Once again Call us now at 1.888.800-3133 x2 or visit us at http://www.3Ddoll.giddyuprides.com

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http://www.3Ddoll.giddyuprides.com support@giddyuprides.com 888-800-3133 x2

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