Classic Game Room - ULTRAMAN for Super Nintendo Review


Uploaded on July 27, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews ULTRAMAN for Super Nintendo SNES from 1991. Based on the 1960's Japanese television show, Ultraman is a campy, cheesy fighting game where you play as Ultraman and beat the life bar out of cheesy monsters invading from space (or the back lot straight out of wardrobe). From Ban Dai, Ultraman may capture the cheesy feeling of the shows but fails to deliver good fighting game controls. Slow and sluggish controls, awkward movements and sloppy gameplay mechanics send Ultraman to the bargain bin. Yes, not all is bad in Japanese TV land! Ultraman is a cheesy, bad fighting game on the Super NIntendo! A rarity indeed, Ultraman has more in common with campy Genesis action titles like Death Duel and Cyborg Justice than most top shelf SNES titles like Super Metroid and Yoshi's Island.

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