Classic Game Room - GAIARES for Sega Genesis Review [HD]


Uploaded on July 27, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews GAIARES for Sega Genesis from 1990, a side scrolling SHMUP published by Renovation Products. This classic Sega Mega Drive shooter is one of the most challenging on the 16-bit console and packs some of the best gameplay, music and visuals ever seen on Sega Genesis. Gaiares is one of the hardest side scrolling shooters (aka SHMUPS) on the Sega Genesis and is a worth addition to the collection of SHMUP fans. Amazing visuals and awesome music make repeat gameplay a blast which is good because you'll need to memorize every inch of space in this game to clear even the first three levels (out of eight total). This CGR review of Gaiaires on Sega Genesis has gameplay from Gaiares showing video game play in HD action from a modified S-video Sega Genesis model 1.

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