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Little Puppies Online get many referrals from former clients.

My friend recommended me to go to this website because this is where she got her Yorkie-poo. I baby sat her 1 year old Puppy Boomer and and he's such an incredible dog. My son got attached to him so I contacted Nathan to make a transaction to get our new member of the family, Buddy. My son named him Sparky. We just adore him so much. He's so friendly to kids and his very sweet and loves to be cuddled and very easy to potty train. We've had him for almost 3 weeks and his potty trained already. The Vet said his very healthy as well. Nathan was extremely patient with me. I’m one of those people who ask thousands of questions and I kept bugging them with emails and phone calls but he was very patient and answered every single question I had. I would definitely recommend this website to all my friends and to everyone. Thank You Nathan for everything. Melizza & Mickey
Name: Melizza & Mickey

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