Classic Game Room - ZENO CLASH: ULTIMATE EDITION for Xbox 360 Re [HD]


Uploaded on July 28, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews ZENO CLASH ULTIMATE EDITION for Xbox 360, a download game from Xbox Live. Zeno Clash is also available for PC. Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition is a fist person shooter style video game with a heavy dose of fist fighting! Bash demented monster-people-things in the face, kick them or crush them with hammers. Zeno Clash delivers smooth, action packed off-tempo action in a Turok meets Zardoz universe. What's that you say, I killed Father-Mother? Follow weirdo number 1 on a journey through Fraggle Rock meets Hellraiser as a tale of woe unravels through peyote clouded glasses. Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition is an Xbox 360 download 1st person shooter with fisticuff action and co-op gameplay for the Zeno Rush and Tower Challenges. For those looking for a game that is far from normal but familiar enough to be fun, check out Zeno Clash. This CGR review of Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition has gameplay from Zeno Clash UE on Xbox Live showing video game play of Zeno Clash.

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