Classic Game Room - TRON for Xbox 360 Review


Uploaded on July 28, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews TRON for Xbox 360. Four games in one! The concept of a collection of minigames was something of a rarity in 1982 and Tron exploded in arcades with light cycles, spiders, tanks and the MCP. Tron the video game was even more popular than Tron the movie at the time because of an amazing, memorable arcade cabinet and glowing blue joystick. How does Tron on Xbox 360 from XBLA compare? Controls are an issue but the gameplay in Tron still rocks today. Tron is an affordable download from Xbox Live and has Achievement points. Sadly the blue joystick and firing control knob are nowhere to be found and aiming is awkward with the 360 controller. This CGR review of Tron the arcade game has gameplay from Tron on Xbox 360 showing Tron game play.

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