Classic Game Room - METAL SLUG 7 for Nintendo DS Review [HD]


Uploaded on July 31, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews METAL SLUG 7 for Nintendo DS from SNK / Playmore and publshed by Ignition. Metal Slug is one of the best run and gun, 2D side scrolling shooting video game series ever created. Awesome action, beautifully designed 2-D visuals and intense gameplay. This CGR review of Metal Slug 7 on DS shows video game play in HD action on Nintendo DS. Metal Slug 7 has 7 stages, numerous characters and new "Slugs"! Plays with D-pad and buttons, no irritating stylus/button gameplay. Rated T for Too-Tough. Simple yet elegant, Metal Slug 7 is illin'. Those with a Sony PSP will want to look at Metal Slug XX which is basically the same game for the PSP with slight differences and a moderately smoother visual presentation, but keep in mind that Metal Slug 7 may be the best looking Nintendo DS game out there. UPC 893384000380

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