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http://NiagaraFallsHypnosisCenter.com/ To understand why hypnosis is so effective at helping people, we need to understand how the mind works. We essentially have two "minds" -- the conscious and subconscious.
The subconscious mind is where our long-term memories, emotions and habits are stored. The subconscious mind also takes in and is aware of everything that happens around us.

Our conscious mind is what allows us to function in our day-to-day lives. Indeed, if we were to be aware of everything that happens around us, we'd be overwhelmed by all of the stimuli. We can think of our conscious mind as a filter -- our short-term memories are there and we're aware of a few things around us.

Since habits are stored in our subconscious, we need to access that part of our mind to enact positive change. Trying to use will power -- a brief, fleeting function of our conscious mind -- is ineffective. The conscious mind will always lose in a battle with our subconscious mind.

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