Cordless Phone Radiation Dangers


Uploaded on August 01, 2012 by Nicole Scott

Cordless phones might not be much safer than cell phones, according to a new Swedish study. This study found that both cell phone and cordless phone users had increased risk of brain tumors.

That's because cordless phones emit the same type of wireless microwave radiation as cell phones.

Unlike cell phones, which receive wireless signals from cell towers and satellites, cordless phones are picking up signals transmitted from the antenna on the phone's base station.

Although the distance the frequencies travel is different, the type of radiation that cell phones and cordless phones give off is the same.

Wireless microwave radiation is hazardous to our bodies for several reasons. Microwave radiation has the ability to penetrate our cells and create biological changes which affect everything from our DNA to our blood/brain barrier.

When you talk on a cordless phone (even if it is a low radiation cordless phone) your brain, eyes and ears are being bathed in microwave frequencies. Regular cordless phone users experience many of the same symptoms experienced by cell phone users.

* headaches
* dizziness
* eye twitching
* burning sensation on the face
* hot ear
* sleep disturbances
* vision problems
* neck pain
* ringing in the ears

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