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Uploaded on August 02, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews NYKO Component video cables for Nintendo Wii. These replacement audio video cables use component video output to give the best color and resolution possible for your Nintendo Wii. Want better picture in 480p on your HDTV? Use these Nyko component cables for Wii to see rich colors, deep blacks and sharper graphics that the stock OEM composite cable gives you. Composite video is cheap and awful compared to component video, which is why most game consoles give you composite. It costs them very little to include crappy composite cables. Fork over a few bucks for some good Nyko Component audio video cables to get a better picture from your Nintendo Wii. Improve your Wii audio video quality noticeably with these cables which are well built and reasonably affordable. This is a fine CGR hardware review reviewing Nyko Nintendo Wii component audio video cables. Replacement cables.

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