Classic Game Room - CASTLEVANIA REBIRTH for Nintendo Wii Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 02, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room reviews CASTLEVANIA THE ADVENTURE REBIRTH for Nintendo Wii. This is a downloadable game from WiiWare on Nintendo's online service for Nintendo Wii. For a few dollars you get a new Castlevania adventure with a retro 2D style reminiscent of the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis versions of Castlevania. Fans of the old school NES games like Simon's Quest will get a kick out of the style and gameplay. Amazing synthesizer music with an old school feel pumps through the speakers as you waste eyeballs and skeletons with a whip while moving through the castle. From Konami, Castlevania Rebirth is a cool remake of the Castlevania games that should make fans of the series happy. Now it's time to whip some eyeball jellyfish! This CGR review of Castlevania Rebirth on Nintendo Wii has gameplay from the WiiWare game Castlevania Rebirth (Wii Ware, Virtual Console)

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