Hearing Loss Attributed to Noise Sacramento CA


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Call (916) 930-6347 Avalon Hearing Aid Center http://Hearing-Aids-Sacramento-CA.com 1260 Fulton Avenue, Suite B, Sacramento, California, 95825 If you think about it, you are surrounded by some type of environmental sound at all times. As you make your way through a typical day, sounds of the television, the radio or traffic noise are constantly bombarding your precious sense of hearing. Normally, we hear all of these sounds at levels that are safe for our ears with little chance of damaging our hearing. However, when we are exposed to harmful levels of sound -- those that are too lengthy or extremely loud -- our ears can become damaged, resulting in noise induced hearing loss. The extremely sensitive hair-like nerves or hair cells, deep inside the inner ear known as the cochlea, convert sound energy into electrical signals that travel to the brain.

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