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EXCELLENT RESPONSE TO CARE I had cervical spine surgery in 1989 and I did not feel my feet, I was numb. At night I had restless legs and my legs would not calm down. Sometimes I could not fall asleep till 1 at night- it like my legs had anxiety- they would not stop or leave me alone. If I sat and relaxed it felt like nerves were wrapped around my legs. I was not balanced, I would bump into things and hit the wall, and it always felt like I was walking on marbles or pebbles. Now it feels like the nerves have unwrapped, I am amazed because now I can feel my hands and I can actually feel my pants for the first time! My nerves had never regrown after the surgery and I knew that I was wearing pants but I could never feel them.

I APPRECIATE THAT THERE IS USUALLY A SHORT WAIT I am happy with vitality health center overall, and have recomended my mom come here as well.


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