Game Time Play Time: 08/03/2012 [HD]


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This week on Game Time Play Time, Talia celebrates the anniversaries of such beloved gaming franchises as Super Mario Kart, Metal Gear, and Leisure Suit Larry. She also gives you the lowdown on this week's most play-worthy new releases!

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    Game Time Play Time: 6/14 - LIVE From E3 2013! 05:53

    Game Time Play Time: 6/14 - LIVE From E3 2013!

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    This week, FLitZ and JesV went straight to the heart of the beast and shot LIVE down at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. They got some great hands-on trials with Sonic: Lost World, Castlevania 2, and Elder Scrolls Online... They also picked up some of the big news that Microsoft dropped about the Xbox One, Sony dropped about the PS4, and Nintendo dropped about some of their awesome returning titles. So what are you waiting for? Go play!!

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