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Seville Veterinary Hospital Vision

Seville Veterinary Hospital is now open and is excited to start serving the South Gilbert community. We opened our doors to the neighborhood on January 9th and are ready to serve you and your beloved pets. Please keep our contact information close by so that you can call on us to help you with all your 4-legged friend's needs.

We are proud to serve our community and their loved ones by offering high quality customer service with an unsurpassed compassionate veterinary care team. Our progressive veterinary medical team is excited to treat every patient and their owner with compassion and dignity to make your experience with us memorable.

We pride ourselves on soon becoming a full-service hospital; capable of handling almost any medical or surgical problem. We want to enhance your pet's life by using advanced technology and superior medical care. Our ambitious continuing education program moves us to always be open to new and more effective veterinary techniques. We will be offering high-grade dental therapy and dental radiography, digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, laser surgery, pain management, and much more.
"I am one of those very rare people in the world who say they LOVE to go to work every day. There are very few things more gratifying than sending a pet home to their families feeling well again, watching my patients enter their senior years still acting as youngsters and having an owner hug me and tell me "thank you". I am grateful for this profession and wonderful families I meet every day." -- Jill Bronz, DVM

6348 S. Higley Rd., Suite 109
Gilbert, AZ 85298
Tel (480) 279-2831
Fax (480) 279-6501
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