Remake Shiny Zekrom! (An Inspirational Video) [HD]


Uploaded on August 04, 2012 by llopez029

*Please read carefully*

A remake video, with added quality,that I made about the Legendary Shiny Zekrom, and its rumored capture at the Dragonspiral Tower...currently, there is not live footage of a shiny Zekrom at the Dragonspiral Tower (I would like to make that known).

Original video found here:

The pokemon Zekrom was supposely proven never to be shiny at both N's tower and Dragonspiral Tower; the same applies with Reshiram in the Pokemon Black Version...

All of the shinies shown in this video where modified by the use of an external device (AR and/or Flashcard)

The song heard in the video is "I Tried so Hard" by Linkin Park.

Thank you Arceuscam for giving me the inspiration to make this video, and I hope we will one day encounter the true shiny legendaries that we worked sooo hard for!...(Credit also given to ManaMahad, for your live shiny Zekrom encounter footage)

I do not own Pokemon or Nintendo (although it would be pretty cool)


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