Classic Game Room - EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2017 Review Pt2 [HD]


Uploaded on August 04, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Part 2 of 2. Classic Game Room reviews EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 2017 for Xbox 360. This over the top science fiction acade-style blast-o-rama packs serious action and serious laughs. From awesome "Army of Darkness" style one liners to "Starship Troopers" inspired insect attack waves, EDF 2017 is one of the most entertaining and fun games on Xbox 360. This CGR review of Earth Defense Force 2017 has gameplay from Earth Defense Force 2017 on Xbox 360 showing game play of Earth Defense Force 2017 in action. Slaughter alien bugs, spiders, ants, robots and giant At-At like walking things with a huge arsenal of futuristic weapons like rockets, plasma cannons and sniper rifles. Join the EDF to save the earth from flying saucers and Godzilla knock-off monsters... what's not to like here? Fun gameplay, fast paced action and a B-movie style plot round out this affordable game that belongs in your collection.

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