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Uploaded on August 04, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room - WOLFENSTEIN for Xbox 360 video game review! This CGR review of Wolfenstein has gameplay from Wolfenstein on Xbox 360, also on PS3 Playstation 3. Wolfenstein is like Call of Duty 2 meets Soul Reaver crossed with Bioshock. The single play campaign is extremely cool and lots of fun. The folks at id have poured a lot of creativity into Wolfenstein to make a first person shooter that stands out from the crowd, and thanks to the massive dose of style and awesomeness they've done just that. Return to Castle Awesomestein! Slaughter Nazi bad guys with a variety of WWII weapons and some serious sci-fi type stuff like particle beams. Use your Veil, upgrade your MP-40 and rock this game with some shooting mayhem. Take the time to explore and find some gold, I really dug Wolfenstein and enjoyed the storyline, gameplay and art design. I did not like the multiplayer because it was jerky, odd and strangely out of date. The maps were sloppy and overall presentation was kind of wack compared to the big multiplyer games like COD4, WAW and Halo 3 on XBLA. Aside from that I'd recommend Wolfenstein for those looking for a memorable and action packed first person shooter adventure worth playing more than once.

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