Classic Game Room - TURBO SUBS for IPod Review


Uploaded on August 06, 2012 by Classic Game Room

Classic Game Room HD reviews TURBO SUBS for iPod. Impatient customers place their order at your sub shop on a subway car (get it?). Build their sandwiches, pick up their coffee and serve them pasteries in Turbo Subs. Very similar to Burger Island on the Wii (and numerous other titles in this genre), Turbo Subs is well made for the iPod and well suited for the touch screen on iPod Touch and iPhone. Catchy, quick and satisfying, Turbo Subs delivers some fun action packed gaming on the go if you enjoy the "order before time runs out" genre. Upgrade the sub shop as you go, make new recipes and collect a massive tip. Turbo Subs is an iPod app available for download at iTunes for iPod Touch and iPhone. This CGRHD review of Turbo Subs has gameplay from this iPod video game.

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